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The Photography and Art of Cay Denise

I'm a practicing photographer with an 'eye' for seeing patterns, reflections, light, and secondary designs in the world that look or can be made to look unworldly. I love attempting to capture or create that Zen moment...that makes a person question whether what was just seen was real or not.

My original photographs are displayed in the galleries titled Seeing (1, 2, etc.) rather than by subject or keyword. This is intentional, and there have been no edits to the photographs appearing in these galleries prior to posting.

The Beyond Seeing galleries, on the other hand, are altered photographs made from my originals which may or may not appear in the Seeing galleries.

I'm also a practicing artist. My work includes art quilting and digital drawing. In addition, many of my digital drawings incorporate altered elements of some of my photography. There are three galleries dedicated to this art work. One has art quilt selections, another has digital drawings, and the other has quilts and the photographs that inspired their creation!

Welcome to my isle of sight, and I hope you enjoy your visit!