Photography by Cay Denise
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My Point of View

As a practicing photographer, I have an eye for seeing patterns, reflections, light, and secondary designs in the world that look or can be made to look -- unworldly. I love attempting to capture or create that Zen moment...when a person questions whether what they see is real or not.

The Seeing galleries are filled with these types of images. The Seeing Beyond gallery contains selections of my altered photographs... many of which resemble kaleidoscopes.

When not using the camera, a needle and thread, pen, Bamboo Fun and paintbrush become my companions in creating art quilts, digital drawings and mixed media pieces. I love to experiment with techniques, materials and embellishments to bring imaginative and well-crafted pieces into being. Four galleries are dedicated to presenting samples of these works including Art Quilts, Mixed Media Selections, My Divine Digital Divas, and Photographs and the Art They Inspired.

I’m so glad you’ve found this site, and enjoy the journey of surprise and delight that awaits!